Established 15 July 1953 as successor to Nakajima Utsunomiya Manufacturing Division occupies 47.7 ha (117.9 acre) site, including 153,000 m² (1,646,880 sq ft) floor area; workforce 2,745 in April 2000.
Fuji producing Bell UH-1J: delivered last of 89 AH-1S attack helicopters (serial No. 73492) to JGSDF on 14 December 2000; has been selected to manufacture new T-7 trainer and will be prime contractor for JGSDF AH-64D; also manufactures wings, tailplanes and canopies for Kawasaki T-4; tail units and canopies for Kawasaki OH-1; wings and tail units for Mitsubishi F-2; outer wings, nacelles and tail unit for ShinMaywa US-1A.
Commercial aircraft components produced are spoilers, inboard and outboard ailerons for Boeing 747; outboard flaps for Boeing 757; wing/body fairings and main landing gear doors for Boeing 767 and 777, plus front centre wing box for 777; and complete wing sets for the Hawker Horizon business jet. Company was selected in May 2000 as risk-sharing subcontractor to produce composites fuselages for Bell/Agusta BA609 tiltrotor, with deliveres to start in FY03; named in June 2002 as components source for Airbus A380. Other products include BQM-34AJKai (modified Firebee) and J/AQM-1 target drones and RPH-2 and FFOS unmanned helicopters.
Fuji has participated in such projects as design of the HOPE-X space shuttle and development of an NAL aero-spaceplane. Research continues towards an SST/HST (supersonic/hypersonic transport), including a thermal protection system, heat-resistant structures and composites materials.

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  • Address: Subaru Building, 7-2 1-chome, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8316, Japan
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