TYPE: Side-by-side ultralight.

PROGRAMME: First flown 1999. Available factory-built only.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Texan: Standard model, as described.
Texan Top Class RG: Launched at Aero '03 Friedrichshafen where shown statically; retractable landing gear; mainwheels retract outward and nosewheel rearward. Dimensions as standard Texan. Empty weight 285 kg (628 lb); stalling speed 34 kt (62 km/h; 39 mph); never-exceed speed 151 kt (280 km/h; 174 mph).

CUSTOMERS: 25 built by January 2003, including five to Israel. Certified in Belgium, Israel, Italy and Portugal. In first quarter of 2003 a retractable landing gear version was being developed with a provisional never-exceed speed (VNE) of 151 kt (280 km/h; 174 mph); production intended to start thereafter.

COSTS: Kit €33,700; flyaway €51,700 (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: Low-wing monoplane. Constant-chord wing of laminar flow aerofoil section; sweptback fin and rudder; rearward-sliding cockpit canopy with fixed windsreen. Quoted build time 280 hours.

FLYING CONTROLS: Manual. Ground-adjustable trim tab on starboard aileron; all-moving tailplane with anti-balance tab and mass balance weights; horn-balanced rudder. Four-position slotted flaps, maximum droop 45o.

STRUCTURE: Composites throughout.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tricycle type; mainwheels 4.00-6, nosewheel 4.00-4; streamlined fairings on all three wheels. Hydraulic disc brakes on mainwheels.

POWER PLANT: One 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS driving a two-blade GT-2/173/155 wooden or three-blade Pipistrel PBM300 BAM3D 165 composites propeller. Fuel in wingroot tanks, total capacity 70 litres (18.5 US gallons; 15.4 Imp gallons), of which 68 litres (18.0 US gallons; 15.0 Imp gallons) usable.

EQUIPMENT: BRS ballistic recovery parachute system optional.