US Name: Lafayette Stork

TYPE: Side-by-side ultralight/kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: First flown in 1991 and initially marketed as Rodaro Storch. Certified in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Portugal, Slovenia and the USA.

CURRENT VERSIONS: CL De Luxe: Standard version, as described.
SS: As CL De Luxe, but with shorter overall length (5.95 m; 19 ft 6¼ in) and wing span (9.32 m; 30 ft 7 in) and Rotax 912 UL or Jabiru 2200 engine. Flaps. Not available in kit form.
HS De Luxe: As SS De Luxe, but with shorter overall length (5.75 m; 18 ft 10¾ in) and (8.71 m; 28 ft 7 in) wing span.

CUSTOMERS: 340 built by end of 2002.

COSTS: Ready-to-fly: CL De Luxe, HS De Luxe: (Rotax 582) €34,000, (Jabiru) €37,700; SS: €43,700; kit: CL De Luxe, HS De Luxe (Rotax 582) €19,100, Jabiru €19,200 (all 2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: Laminar flow aerofoil section. Strut-braced wings fold alongside fuselage for storage. Qoted build time 180 hours.

FLYING CONTROLS: Manual. Full-span, Junkers-type ailerons and all-moving tailplane with anti-balance tab.

STRUCTURE: Composites main fuselage shell with welded steel tube frame in cabin area and tubular alloy tailboom; light alloy constant chord wing has 6082 light alloy spar and composites skin; all-composites wing optional.

LANDING GEAR: Fixed tricycle type; mainwheels 4.00-6, tailwheel 4.00-4. Drum brakes on CL De Luxe, disc brakes on SS and HS De Luxe. Oil-damped, steerable nosewheel with maximum deflection ±40o.

POWER PLANT: CL De Luxe and HS De Luxe have one 47.8 kW (64.1 hp) Rotax 582 UL or 59.7 kW (80 hp) Jabiru 2200; SS has one 59.6 kW (79.9 hp) Rotax 912 UL or 59.7 kW (80 hp) Jabiru 2200, each driving a two- or three-blade propeller. Standard fuel capacity 60 litres (15.9 US gallons; 13.2 Imp gallons), of which 56 litres (14.8 US gallons; 12.3 Imp gallons) are usable.

ACCOMMODATION: Cabin doors open upwards.

EQUIPMENT: BRS ballistic recovery parachute optional.