TYPE: Side-by-side ultralight kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Derivation of Aerei Asso Vs. First flight February 1999 (Italian ultralight category; Mid-West engine); public debut 2 April 1999 and exhibited at Aero '99, Friedrichshafen, later in the same month, at which time total of 11 hours flown.

CURRENT VERSIONS: 300L: Long-span version for European market; no longer produced by Alpi.
300S: Short-span version, predominantly for US market, as described.

CUSTOMERS: At least 72 kits sold, of which over 30 300Ls flying in France, Germany, Italy and Spain by end 2002; four 300Ss to US in 2001.

COSTS: Quick-build kit €28,890 (2003), excluding engine, propeller, instruments and upholstery.

DESIGN FEATURES: Streamlined, retractable gear, low-wing monoplane, adaptable for Ultralight or Experimental category operation. Tapered wings and horizontal tail surfaces; sweptback fin; upturned wingtips; NACA 2315 aerofoil. Asso Vs has biconvex asymmetric wing section. Rearward-sliding canopy; fixed windscreen. Dual controls. Baggage shelf behind holds 27 kg (60 lb). Maximum roll rate 120o/s. Quoted build time 700 hours for standard kit; 350 hours for fast-build kit.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Actuation by steel cables. Horn-balanced rudder. Electrically actuated flaps deflect to 30o. Trim tabs on rudder and port elevator.

STRUCTURE: Wooden airframe, including wing with single box spar; preformed composites fuselage/fin covering in left and right halves; composites engine cowling and wingtips; Dacron-covered elevators and rudder; plywood-covered ailerons, flaps and tailplane.

LANDING GEAR: Retractable, tricycle type; steerable nosewheel with helical spring suspension. Mainwheels have lever/rubber-in-compression suspension. Mainwheels retract outwards; nosewheel rearwards; electric actuation. No doors, apart from fairing fixed ahead of nosewheel leg. Ingegno wheels with disc brakes; mainwheels size 4.00-6, nosewheel 4.00-4.

POWER PLANT: One 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS four-stroke, driving a two-blade GT-2/173/155 fixed-pitch propeller. Three-blade propeller optional. Alternative Jabiru 3300 and Mid-West AE110 engines. Fuel tank in each wing, combined capacity 80 litres (21.1 US gallons; 17.6 Imp gallons); 35 litre (9.2 US gallon; 7.7 Imp gallon) fuselage tank optional.

AVIONICS: To customer's choice.