Società Anonima Industrie Meccaniche Aeronautiche Navali formed 1929 to take over Lido di Roma factory previously operated by SA Navigazione Aerea. Undertook construction and support of aircraft, engines and power boats, and design of aircraft. Produced C.10 variable-incidence monoplane 1932 and C.4 2-seat biplane 1934, developed into SAIMAN 200 trainer, about 250 built (115 by Caproni-Vizzola), most during war for Regia Aeronautica. SAIMAN 202 side-by-side cabin low-wing monoplane also built in large numbers, about 50 civil and 365 military 202/M (including 85 by CNA and 65 by SACA). LB.4 of 1938 had twin booms and tricycle landing gear. Company failed attempted comeback post-war.

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