Founded as VPM in 1976 by Vittorio Magni, this company developed the single-seat MT5 and two-seat MT7 gyrocopters. It was renamed Magni Gyro in 1996 and currently produces a range of ultralight autogyros, including the open-cockpit single-seat M18 Spartan and two-seat M14 Scout and M16 Tandem Trainer. In total, around 300 examples were active at the beginning of 2002. The M20 and M21 are in develoment, but the M19 is not expected to enter production.

Additional Info

  • Address: Via Puccini 10, I-21010 Besnate (VA), Italy
  • Tel: (+39 0331) 27 48 16
  • Fax: (+39 0331) 27 48 17
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