Sig. Guilio Macchi was assisted by Nieuport in forming Società Anonima Nieuport-Macchi at Varese 1912, mainly to build Nieuport designs but also several original parasol monoplanes. From outbreak of war production of Nieuport scouts outstripped demand. Lohner L.40 flying-boat captured May 1915 was copied by Macchi within a month, giving rise to famous series of single-engine (nearly all pusher) biplane flying-boats which in turn influenced designers elsewhere. Several hundred built by 1918, notably including 244 M.5 fighter flying-boats, followed by at least 127 M.7ter fighter boats 1923-6. Company renamed Aeronàutics Macchi 1992. Over 70 civil M.18s were built, and over 56 big (tandem push/pull) M.24s, as well as a handful of military landplanes. Macchi’s most famous products were Schneider seaplanes, M.39 (1926 winner), M.52, M.67 and MC.72 which missed 1931 race but in 1934 set speed record which still stands. Designer Mario Castoldi then produced series of large monoplane boats, followed by MC.200 fighter (24 December 1937), of which 400 built plus a further 753 by Breda and SAI Ambrosini. This led to MC.202 (10 August 1940, about 1,500 including 393 by Macchi) and MC.205 Veltro (19 April 1942, 262). Works rebuilt 1946 and produced aircraft to designs of technical director Ermanno Bazocchi, with MB. designations: 308 high-wing 2-seater, 320 light twin and 323 advanced trainer of 1952. For subsequent types see Aermacchi.

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