AERONAUTICA MACCHI SpA (A Finmeccanica company)

Original Macchi company, founded 1912 in Varese, produced famous line of high-speed flying-boats and seaplanes. Aeronautica Macchi became holding company for Aermacchi SpA; SICAMB (Societa Italiana Costruzioni Aeronautiche Martin-Baker; aerostructures and equipment manufacturing, including licensed production of Martin-Baker ejection seats) at Latina; and Logic (aircraft equipment and controls). A 27.4 per cent holding in Aeronautica Macchi was acquired by Aeritalia, now Alenia (and part of Finmeccanica), in 1983, the balance being held by the Foresio family. In January 1997, Aermacchi acquired the SIAI-Marchetti company from Alenia-Finmeccanica and on 19 December 2002, Finmeccanica obtained control of Aeronautica Macchi by increasing its shareholding to 94 per cent through acquisition of Foresio's 66.6 per cent share holding.
Also obtained with the SIAI-Marchetti agreement was Finmeccanica's nacelle manufacturing activities for Airbus airliners and Dassault Falcon business jets, previously the responsibility of Alenia at Turin. Related activities formerly undertaken by SIAI included Airbus A300 and 310 inspection doors and tailcones; overhaul and repair of various types of aircraft (notably C-130 hercules, DHC-5 Buffalo and Cessna Citation II); participation in national or multinational programmes, producing parts for Eurofighter Typhoon (carbon fibre structures, titanium engine cowlings, ECM pods and weapon pylons), Alenia G222/C-27J (wing and tailerons), Panavia Tornado (wing furniture) and AMX. Macchi makes engine nacelles for Airbus A318, 319, 320, 321 and 330, Dassault Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000; 1,000th Airbus nacelle delivered in December 2000. Contracted to build nacelles (in collaboration with Hurel Dubois) for Fairchild 728JET and Embraer 170/190 families. Will produce (with P&W Canada) complete nacelle and thrust reverser for Dassault Falcon 7X. Was risk-sharing partner in Fairchild Dornier 328JET, having supplied 100th fuselage (including earlier turboprop version) in 1998. To design and build engine nacelles for Trent 900 and GP7200 versions of Airbus A380. Space activities include elements of Ariane 5.
Workforce in 2001 totalled over 2,200 including 1,880 in Aermacchi. Activities in civil field accounted for over 50 per cent of turnover by 2000.

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  • Address: Via Ing Paolo Foresio 1, I-21040 Venegono Superiore (VA)
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