Stelux Aircraft Corp., division of Spartaria, built Trenzo canard tandem 2-seater, last design of Stefanutti. Started 1984, first flight never announced.
Ing. Tebaldi designed fighter 1918 which was built by Zari 1919, at least twice modified, from sesquiplane to high-wing monoplane (300-hp Hispano).
COSTRUZIONI AERONAUTICHE TECNAM Srl Company founded 1986, after Pascale brothers were released from the original Pascale company, Partenavia (now VulcanAir), which had been placed under control of Alenia in 1981.…
Terzi Aerodine, Milan, specialists in glassfibre sailplanes, produced T-9 Stiletto (December 1990) very efficient 2-seater, in production by Sivel of Padua. T30 Katana 300-hp aerobatic aircraft (16 January 1991) available…
Aeronautica Umbra (see AUT) re-formed post-war but did not begin design of aircraft until 1968 when AUM-903 3-engined STOL transport begun. This never built, but company briefly built Scheibe Motorfalke.
Vercellese Industrie Aeronautiche formed 1936 at Vercelli to produce light aircraft, building over 500 FL.3 from 1937. Renamed AVIA 1939: see Azionari.
Ali Viberti SpA formed 1946 at Turin by Dr Angelo Viberti to build light aircraft, starting with Musca I (1948) low-wing 2-seater. Planned successors never built.
VULCANAIR SpA Samanta aircraft service company purchased by Carlo de Feo in 1997; Samanta renamed as VulcanAir in April 1998 when it purchased bankrupt Partenavia company. VulcanAir returned P.68 series…
Renato Xausa built light sporting aircraft 1984.
Factory of Zari Brothers near Milan built small number of aircraft 1917 to early 1920s to designs of others, including 1919 Tebaldi fighter.
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