All was formed in April 1993. It is affiliated to the Industrial Development and Renovation Organisation (IDRO) of the Iranian Ministry of Industries to produce, repair and maintain various of aircraft. Following the AVA-101 glider, it flew its first powered aircraft, the AVA-202 two-seat trainer, in mid-1997.
In 1998 the company began construction of its own 75 ha (185.3 acre) airport facility at Azadi, some 65 n miles (120 km; 75 miles) from Tehran; this was completed in 2000, and will be used to support future programmes. All plans to establish an aeroclub at this location for pilot training and customer demonstrations, and it may eventually become a base for future private owner/operators of the company's products.
Under the designation AVA-303, All is undertaking licensed assembly of the PZL M18B Dromader agricultural aircraft to supplement those already purchased directly from PZL. By the end of 2002 the first set of Polish-supplied components had been received and assembled. The programme is expected to yield 12 to 15 aircraft for the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture, built at a new production line to be located at Azadi. All plans some design changes, including a modified cockpit canopy.
Other programmes stated to be current in late 2002 included a new 19-seat transport (thought to be the AVA-404); a small helicopter (AVA-505) similar in appearance to the HESA Shahed 278; a new six-seat aircraft; and studies on a joint-venture project for a 150-passenger transport.

Additional Info

  • Address: Km 6, Karaj Old Road (PO Box 14195-111), next to Kan River, Tehran
  • Tel: (+98 21) 681 26 07 and 681 26 08
  • Fax: (+98 21) 680 92 68
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