Russian designation: Il-214

TYPE: Medium transport/multirole.

PROGRAMME: This Indian requirement became the subject of a joint venture between HAL and Ilyushin (Russian designation Il-214) following the opening of negotiations in March 1999; joint agreement signed later in the same year; MoU in late 2000 followed in June 2001 by joint design, development and co-production agreement involving these two companies plus Irkut.
Configuration now differs considerably from the original Indian design of 1996, which also known as MTA. Programme is included in Russian government's aeronautical development plan for 2001-15. Full-scale development due to be launched in 2003, leading to flight testing during 2008-09 and production start in 2010 for deliveries in 2011.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Airliner: With cabin windows and seating for 94 to 104. Russian designation Il-214-100.
Tactical transport: Military version with rear-loading ramp; provision for 82 troops or 75 paratroops. Russian designation Il-214T.
Commercial freighter: With rear-loading ramp.

CUSTOMERS: Required by Indian and Russain air forces; manufacture by HAL and Irkut. Initial Indian Air Force and Navy commitment for 75; estimated Russian requirement for 200 to 245.

COSTS: Development estimated as US$320 million for basic version. Unit cost US$25 million to US$29 million with PS-12 engines. Target price is 20 per cent less than for comparable aircraft.

DESIGN FEATURES: Sweptback high-wing monoplane with all-swept T tail; twin, underslung podded engines; upswept rear fuselage with rear-loading ramp. Intended to replace ageing An-12, An-26 and An-32.

FLYING CONTROLS: Digital fly-by-wire.

POWER PLANT: Two turbofans, each of some 108 to 118 kN (24,000 to 26,500 lb st). Options include CFM56, Aviadvigatel PS-12 (under development), Rolls-Royce BR715, PW6000 or IAE V2500.

AVIONICS: Russian equipment in Il-214 versions; Western avionics for Indian and any third-party customers.