TYPE: Maritime surveillance twin-turboprop.

PROGRAMME: Variant of ATR 42 airliner developed by Alenia Aeronautica. Exhibited in model form at Dubai Air Show, November 1995. Initially designated SAR 42 and ATR 42 MP. First airframe modified by Officine Aeronavali's Capodichino plant; maiden flight (CMX62166) in Surveyor configuration, but without equipment installed, 1 February 1999, was also delivery to Alenia at Caselle for systems integration. Italian civil certification received 24 October 1999; first delivery 14 December 1999.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Other missions include exclusive economic zone protection, environmental protection, law enforcement, medical evacuation and VIP/troop/cargo/corporate/humanitarian transport.
ATR 42 MP Surveyor: Basic model, as described.

CUSTOMERS: Two ordered by Guardia di Finanza (Italian customs service) 1996 and first aircraft (MM62165) delivered that November but in normal transport configuration for training; converted to operational version in 2000; is model ATR 42-400 for first two aircraft; future aircraft based on 42-500.
Italian Guardia Costiera (Coast Guard) ordered one plus another option for unarmed version; first delivery (MM62170 '10-01') 30 May 2001; second aircraft due for delivery 2003.
Data as ATR 42, except particulars below.

POWER PLANT: Two 1,611 kW (2,160 shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127E turboprops driving Ratier-Figeac/Hamilton Sundstrand 568F six-blade propellers.

ACCOMMODATION: Flight crew of two, plus three mission operators in modified cabin. Rest/debrief area towards rear of cabin; galley/lavatory facilities at rear. Observers' stations with bubble windows one each side of fuselage aft of wing. Rear door modified for in-flight opening; civil-style door in forward port side. SAR package behind rest area.

AVIONICS: Comms: VHF/UHF transceiver, AM-FM, VHF/FM/HF com transceiver, transponder/IFF, interphone and optional secure datalink.
Radar: Raytheon SV 2022 360o search radar; weather radar from ATR 42 retained.
Flight: ADS, VOR, DME, ADF, optional Tacan, FMS, IRS, INS/GPS, radio altimeter, direction-finder.
Mission: Galileo Avionic Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance system (ATOS) comprises mission management system; communications subsystem; L-3 Wescam turret beneath starboard landing gear pannier containing Galileo FLIR; daylight TV sensor; Spectrolab SX16E searchlight and Thiokol LUU-2B/B flare launcher all mounted in pod on starboard side of forward fuselage; Elettronica ALR-733 ESM. MIL-STD-1553B, RS-422 and ARINC 429 databus system. Two multifunction operator consoles with 48 cm (19 in) display, 25 cm (10 in) sensor display, keyboard, trackball, joystick and colour printer on starboard side; communications console. Provision for future growth of sensor suite.

EQUIPMENT: SAR equipment includes searchlight, loudspeakers and flare launcher. IR/UV scanner and optional SLAR and MVR for pollution detection.

ARMAMENT: Optional FN Herstal HPM twin machine gun pod on port side of forward fuselage.