TYPE: Maritime surveillance twin-turboprop.

CURRENT VERSIONS: CN-235 MP Persuader: CASA version; different avionics from Indonesian MPA. In service with Irish Air Corps and ordered by Spain (four) and Turkey (nine: six for Navy, three for Coast Guard, assembled by TAI at Ankara). In mid-1999, Turkey sought proposals from at least seven potential integrators of surveillance systems to provide radar, FLIR and an acoustics suite for naval CN-235s; on 6 September 2002, contract signed with Thales covering supply and integration of maritime patrol mission equipment for these nine aircraft by 2006. Contract worth US$350 million and could be followed by further 10 systems to equip additional batch of aircraft.
CN-235 MPA: Indonesian-development version; available either with lengthened nose housing radar and IFF; or with normal CN-235 nose, plus belly radar; CN-235 prototype PK-XNC served as testbed. Maximum T-O weight 15,400 kg (33,951 lb), endurance more than 8 hours. Provision for quick-change configuration for general transport, communications or other duties. Required by Indonesian Navy (six included in national order for 24), Indonesian Air Force (three) and Brunei (three).
Indonesia confirmed initial three firm orders in May 2000, when Thomson-CSF (now Thales) selected to supply AMASCOS airborne maritime situation control system, comprising Elettronica ALR-733 RWR, T-CSF Ghlio thermal imager and Sextant Gemini navigation computer. Brunei chose Boeing as Argo Systems integrator for its three aircraft in late 1995, specifying individual sensors in October 1996 as AN/AAQ-21 FLIR, BAE Sky Guardian ESM, Cossor 3500 IFF and AN/APS-134 radar, plus two operators' consoles. BAE Systems Australia marketing CN-235 MPA in Asia-Pacific region under September 1997 agreement; BAE also to provide advanced systems development for proposed configurations.

AVIONICS (Persuader): Radar: Litton APS-504(V)5.
Mission: FLIR-2000HP undernose-mounted night vision system and Litton AN/ALR-85(V) ESM system, fully integrated via a central tactical processor with reconfigurable consoles.

AVIONICS (CN-235 MPA): Radar: BAE Systems Seaspray 4000, or Raytheon AN/APS-134 (LW) or Thales Ocean Master 100.
Flight: Litton LN92 ring laser gyro INS; Trimble TNL 7900 Omega/GPS.
Mission: Argo data processing and display system with multifunction consoles. BAE Systems Sky Guardian SG-300, or Argo Systems AR-700 or Litton AN/ALR-93(V)4 ESM. FLIR Systems AN/AAQ-21 Safire or BAE Systems MRT FLIR. Cossor 3500 IFF interrogator. (Trials aircraft originally equipped with APS-504 and Ocean Master; SG-300. Reconfigured by 1994 with AN/APS-134, MRT, AR-700, LN92 and TNL 7900. Further alternatives available at customer's option.)