TYPE: Twin-jet freighter.

PROGRAMME: Specialised versions of A300-600. First flight of A300-600F 2 December 1993; certified early April 1994, delivered to Federal Express 27 April and entered service in same month; A300-600F powered by GE CF6-80C2A5 with FADEC was first A300-600 version to operate with 180-minute ETOPS in May 1994.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Convertible: For all-passenger or all-cargo configuration. Typical options include accommodation (in mainly eight-abreast seating) for maximum 375 passengers (subject to certification) on the main deck; or up to twenty 2.24 x 3.17 m (88 x 125 in) pallets; or five 88 x 125 in plus nine 2.44 x 3.17 m (96 x 125 in) pallets.
Freighter: For freighting only; no passenger systems provided; various systems options give airlines ability to adapt basic aircraft to specific freight requirements; Airbus offers conversion with port-side forward freight door, or as new-production A300F4-600R, with payload capacity of 54,000 kg (119.050 lb). Freighter conversions, offered by Airbus UK and EADS EFW; over 65 under conversion or completed by June 2001; maiden flight 13 December 2001 (D-ASAE, c/n 477) ; certified by LBA and FAA eight days later.
General Freighter: Similar to A300-600F, but with side door and cargo loading system able to handle all sizes of freight from small packets to large containers. Launch customer Air Hong Kong, which announced order for six in January 2003 (deliveries from 2004), with further four on option.

CUSTOMERS: Federal Express became A300-600 Freighter launch customer July 1991 with order for 25 and commitments for 50 more, of which 11 confirmed as orders in September 1996; all now delivered. UPS placed order on 9 September 1998 for 30 PW4158 powered A300F4-600R Freighters plus options on a further 45 (later confirmed and a further 15 firm orders, to total 90, of which 24 delivered and in operation by mid-2002); 30 more on option. Deliveries began mid-2000; UPS has an option to convert some of the order to A380s if it wishes. First (of two) for CityBird of Belgium delivered 23 July 1999; production set to continue to at least 2009. As at April 2003, orders and commitments for A300F4-600R totalled 134.

STRUCTURE: Generally similar to A300-600. Main differences are large port-side main deck cargo door, reinforced cabin floor, smoke detection system in main cabin; main deck cargo door is on opposite side to door of forward underfloor hold, allowing simultaneous loading or unloading at all positions.

POWER PLANT: Options as for A300-600R; first example was first Airbus aircraft powered by GE CF6-80C2A5 with FADEC.