NH Industries established August 1992 to manage design and development of NH90 and is also responsible for production, logistic support, marketing and sales; in October 1995 workshares were slightly to Agusta 28.2 per cent, Eurocopter Deutschland 23.7 per cent, Eurocopter France 41.6 per cent, Fokker Aircraft 6.5 per cent. NFT (Norway) joined in 1994 as risk-sharing partner of Eurocopter France. Further amendment occurred on 21 June 2001, when Portugal joined programme and allocated 1.2 per cent share to OGMA. Netherlands activities transferred to Fokker Aerostructures BV following bankruptcy of the former Fokker Aircraft. Industrial ownership (and production share) is now EADS 61.7 per cent, Finmeccanica (Agusta) 31.6 per cent, Stork Fokker 5.5 per cent and Portuguese industry (as Eurocopter and Agusta subcontractor) 1.2 per cent.
Joint agency NAHEMA (NATO Helicopter Management Agency) formed February 1992 by the four governments, within NATO framework, to manage programme; now additionally represents Portuguese government; NAHEMA located alongside NH Industries in Aix-en-Provence.


  • Agusta
  • EADS Eurocopter
  • EADS Eurocopter Deutschland
  • Stork Fokker

Additional Info

  • Address: Le Quatuor, Batiment C, 42 route de Galice, F-13090 Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Tel: (+33 4) 42 95 97 00
  • Fax: (+33 4) 42 95 97 48/49
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