Eurofighter GmbH formed to manage EFA (European Fighter Aircraft) programme June 1986, followed shortly after by Eurojet Turbo GmbH to manage engine programme. Eurofighter GmbH is owned by Alenia (Italy), BAE Systems (UK) and EADS (formerly CASA; Spain and DASA; Germany); development workshares are 21, 33 and 46 per cent, respectively. Eurojet Turbo participants are Fiat Aviazione (Italy), ITP (Spain), MTU-Munchen (Germany) and Rolls-Royce (UK). Radar is provided by the Euroradar consortium of BAE Systems (UK), FIAR (Italy). EADS (Germany) and ENOSA (Spain). NETMA (NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency) supervises the programme on behalf of the customer air forces.
All four participating countries agreed on 22 December 1997 to proceed with production and signed the appropriate authorisation on 30 January 1998. The aircraft was formally named Typhoon on 2 September 1998 although, initially, that title was only used for marketing outside Europe. However, on 23 July 2002, Typhoon name was formally adopted by RAF.
On 4 November 1999, (then) four partners announced impending formation of Eurofighter International (EFI) as dedicated sales organisation with target of securing half of available market for 800 combat aircraft over following 30 years. Relations with NETMA remain unchanged. First export commitment issued by Greece on 7 March 2000.
Former subsidiary marketing organisation, Eurofighter International, was disbanded in 2002. Deliveries to customer air forces began in 2003.

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