Decision to merge Aérospatiale-Matra of France and DASA of Germany was announced on 14 October 1999; previously mooted amalgamation of Spain's CASA with DASA was reconfirmed on 2 December 1999, increasing size of prospective company to 90 sites. Officially formed 10 July 2000, immediately becoming world's third-largest aerospace company. Asset distribution comprises 30.80 per cent stock flotation: 20.29 per cent directly, plus 2.75 per cent indirectly DaimlerChrysler; 5.53 per cent SEPI (Spanish state holding company): 30.29 per cent SOGEADE (Lagardiere and French government jointly); and 0.34 per cent directly by French government.
Five major operating divisions of EADS are Airbus, Aeronautics, Military Transport Aircraft, Space and Systems and Defence Electronics, backed by Strategic Co-ordination, Marketing and Finance divisions. Aeronautics division comprises Eurocopter and ATR; Socata; EADS Military Aircraft; and EADS Sogerma and EADS EFW for overhaul and maintenance.
Company controls Socata and Eurocopter (100 per cent); also holds 80 per cent of Airbus and 56 per cent of Airbus Military Company; and has significant shares in Dassault (45.8 per cent), Eurofighter (43 per cent), ATR (50 per cent) and missile and space programmes. Aircraft produced by EADS are described in their appropriate national sections with the exception of the Mako, which is first to bear the EADS name.
Corporate headquarters established in Netherlands and EADS is subject to Dutch company law. Turnover in 2002 totalled €29,901 million; orders €31,000 million: backlog at 1 January 2003 €168,300 million. Workforce 88,879, of which 40,322 (45.4 per cent) in France; 35,892 (40.4 per cent) in Germany; 7,430 (8.4 per cent) in Spain; 2,806 (3.1 per cent) in UK; and 2,429 (2.7 per cent) in rest of the world. Workforce by division in 2000 was 38 per cent Airbus, 26 per cent Aeronautics. 20 per cent Systems and Defence Electronics, 11 per cent Space and 4 per cent Military Transport Aircraft; remaining 1 per cent are HQ staff. Attempted to form joint venture with Finmeccanica of Italy under title of EMAC, as described later in this section. By 2012, EADS work distribution planned to be 60 per cent commercial, 30 per cent military and 10 per cent space.

Participating companies:

  • Aérospatiale-Matra (France)
  • EADS CASA (Spain)
  • DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (DASA) (Germany)

Additional Info

  • Address: Le Carré, Beechavenue 130-132, NL-1119 PR Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands
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