TAAL is part of Indian Seamless Metal Tubes Group; has modern plant at Hosur, near Bangalore, with 1,300 m (4.265 ft) captive runway, hangars, laboratories, paint shops and other facilities for aircraft manufacture and overhaul. Entered into technical agreement second quarter 1992 with Partenavia of Italy to produce P.68C/TC, P.68 Observer and AP.68TP-600 Viator light twins in India. Installed capacity of plant (not yet attained) is 24 aircraft per year.
TAAL's other major aircraft programme is the Hansa-3 light trainer. Also active in air taxi operations and manufacture of UAVs for Aeronautical Development Establishment and structural parts for space launchers.

Additional Info

  • Address: Belagondapalli Village, Thally Road, Denkanikotta Taluk, Belagondapalli – 635 114, Tamil Nadu - India
  • Tel: +91 04347- 233506/233508/233509
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