TYPE: Tandem-seat ultralight/kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Construction of prototype started 1987 and this first flew June 1988; first flight of production aircraft (also known as Streak Shadow) October 1988. Also built under licence in South Africa, with Jabiru as engine option.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Streak SA: JAA Group A (Aeroplanes) certified version. As described.
Streak SLA: Microlight version. Differs from SA in having increased flap deflection and elevator gap seal to reduce minimum flying speed to comply with Microlight regulations.

CUSTOMERS: Total of 113 Streak SAs and seven Streak SLAs delivered by 11 June 2001. Recent customers include the Indian Air Force, which ordered 24 SAs in September 1999 for delivery over a 15-month period for bird control at airfields; total of 18 delivered by June 2001.

COSTS: SA/SLA with Rotax 582 UL: Assembled £22,975. Kit £14,465. With Rotax 912 UL: Assembled £25,105. Kit £16,940. (All excluding VAT, 2001). Factory-assembled aircraft available for export only.

DESIGN FEATURES: Derivative version of Shadow (which see): has new wing design of reduced span, light airframe weight and more powerful engine; no 'defined stall' and is spin-resistant.

FLYING CONTROLS: See Structure. Electric trim.

STRUCTURE: Similar to Shadow but with foam/glass fibre wings (CFM aerofoil section), and control surfaces with aluminium alloy ribs and polyester fabric covering (ailerons, flaps, rudder and elevators).

POWER PLANT: Engine options and fuel capacities as for Shadow Series D/E.