Hawker Aircraft Ltd started 1933 with capital of £2 million, just 100 times as much as H.G. Hawker Engineering whose assets it took over. Within a year it purchased Gloster, and in 1934 formed Hawker Siddeley. Camm abandoned Fury Monoplane in favour of High-Speed Monoplane with PV.12 engine (6 November 1935) from which was derived Hurricane, 14,231 produced by 1944 including 1,451 by Canada. Related Henley designed as dive-bomber, but 200 built by Gloster as target tugs. Typhoon fighter (24 February 1940) also transferred to Gloster (3,330), followed by Tempest (1,402) and Fury/Sea Fury (937). Jet P.1040 (2 September 1947) led to Sea Hawk, transferred to Armstrong Whitworth after 35th aircraft. P.1067 (20 July 1951) led to Hunter (1,972). P.1127 (21 October 1960) led to Hawker Siddeley Harrier.

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