General Aircraft Ltd formed at Croydon 1934 to take over assets of Monospar Wing Co., as result of great success of latter’s ST.3 in 1931. Developed ST.4 and subsequent Monospar light twins until Croydon factory closed end-1933. GAL reorganized and refinanced, and moved to better factory at London Air Park, Hanworth, March 1934. Here Monospar ST.10-25 were produced, followed by GAL.38 Fleet Shadower, GAL.42 Cygnet/45 Owlet (taken over from bankrupt CWA), GAL.47 AOP, GAL.48 Hotspur training glider, GAL.49/58 Hamilcar heavy transport glider and powered freighter, and many other projects ending with GAL.60 Universal, which after January 1949 merger with Blackburn became Blackburn Beverley.

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