Israel Defence Force name: Pashosh (Lark)

TYPE: Four-seat lightplane.

PROGRAMME: First flight TB 20 (F-WDBA) 14 November 1980; French certification 18 December 1981; FAA certification 27 January 1984; first delivery (F-WDBB) 23 March 1982; first flight TB 21, 24 August 1984; French certification 23 May 1985; FAA certification 5 March 1986.
Earlier TB 20 Trinidad, TB 20 Trinidad Excellence, TB 20C and TB 21 Trinidad TC variants (of which some 700 built) no longer in production.

CURRENT VERSIONS: TB 20 Trinidad GT: At the Paris Air Show in June 1999, Socata announced its Nouvelle Generation (New Generation) series of single piston-engined aircraft, the prototype of which, TB20 NG F-WWRG, had first flown on 21 April 1999. The title Generation Two (GT) was subsequently adopted. The TB 20 GT received DGAC certification on 31 January 2000. The GT series was formally launched at Tarbes on 2 February 2000 with roll-out of the first production TB 20 GT, which became US demonstrator (N163GT c/n 2000) and was exhibited at Sun 'n' Fun, April 2000.
GT variants feature aerodynamic and other improvements that will be incorporated in the Socata Morane diesel-engined series described below. Identifying features include upturned wingtip, similar to those on the TBM 700 turboprop; a curved dorsal fillet; raised cabin roofline with new single-piece carbon fibre/honeycomb roof; revised cabin window/pillar design with flush-mounted windows; plus redesigned interior, larger baggage door, new fuel filler door, retractable footstep and optional three-blade Hartzell propeller.
In June 2003, Socata launched Premium 2003 version of TB 20 Trinidad GT with additional features as standard, including Hartzell Scimitar propeller (with liquid deicing), Garmin GNS 530 VHF/VOR/ILS/GPS, GNS 430, GTX 327 transponder and Bendix/King KFC 225 autopilot.
TB 21 Trinidad GT Turbo: As above, but with computer-controlled turbocharger. Premium 2003 version launched at Paris in June 2003, with standard features as for concurrent TB 20.

CUSTOMERS: At time of launch of GT series, the Aeronautical Academy of Europe in Evora, Portugal, took options on four TB 20 GTs. By mid-2000, TB 20 GTs had been delivered to customers in France, UK and USA from planned first year production of 72. Orders in 2000 included 69 from New Avex, distributor for US West Coast; early customers included the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) of Zaria, Kaduna State, which ordered 10 Trinidad GTs for delivery beginning mid-2001 and French training school SEFA, which ordered 10 TB 20 GTs in June 2002, of which the first four were delivered in July 2002. Total of 33 TB 20 GTs and eight TB 21 GTs delivered in 2001 and 44 TB 20 GTs and 14 TB 21 GTs in 2002.

DESIGN FEATURES: Mainly as for Tobago; dihedral 6o 30'.

FLYING CONTROLS: As Tobago, but rudder trim and flap preselector added.

STRUCTURE: Largely as Tobago.

LANDING GEAR: Hydraulically retractable tricycle type, with single wheel on each unit. Free-fall emergency extension. Steerable nosewheel retracts rearward. Main units, with trailing-link suspension, retract inward into fuselage. Hydraulic disc brakes. Parking brake.

POWER PLANT: TB 20 GT: One 186 kW (250 hp) Textron Lycoming IO-540-C4D5D flat-six, driving a two-blade Hartzell constant-speed propeller.
TB 21 GT: One 186 kW (250 hp) Textron Lycoming TIO-540-AB1AD turbocharged flat-six. Two-blade Hartzell constant-speed propeller; three-blade propeller optional.
Fuel in two integral wing tanks, total capacity 336 litres (88.8 US gallons; 73.9 Imp gallons), of which 326 litres (86.1 US gallons; 71.7 Imp gallons) usable. Oil capacity 12.6 litres (3.3 US gallons; 2.8 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Generally as for TB 9 Sprint GT, TB 10 Tobago GT and TB 200 XL GT; new headrests for all seats introduced on GT variants; rear seat can be removed for carrying 250 kg (551 lb) of cargo.

SYSTEMS: Electrical system comprises 28 V 70 A alternator and 24 V 10 Ah battery.

AVIONICS: TB 20/21 GT basic navigation package comprises single nav/com and VOR receiver. IFR packages and EFIS optional.