TYPE: Primary prop trainer/sportplane.

PROGRAMME: Derived from original Robin HR 200/120B, which had first flown in 1971 and was built through much of 1970s; returned to production in 1993 with minor modifications as HR 200/120B. Final example of this version built in late 2000, by which time Robin 2120 and 2160 were in production.
R 2120 announced in early 2001. Combines fuselage, vertical tail surfaces, fuel capacity and power plant of Robin HR 200/120B with wings and horizontal tail surfaces of R 2160. Prototype (F-WZZX) completed mid-2000; demonstrator (F-WZZY) shown at Aero '01, Friedrichshafen, April 2001. First production aircraft (EC-HMG) to Spain by early 2001.
At AERO 2003 in Friedrichshafen, Robin exhibited a fuselage mockup of an HR200 variant with Thielert Centurion 1.7 diesel engine driving a three-blade MTV-6-A/187-129 propeller; no details of planned production were given.

CURRENT VERSIONS: R 2120U: Baseline (utility) version.
Alpha 120T: Marketing designation.

CUSTOMERS: Combined 331 HR 200/R 2120/R 2160s built by mid-2002 when production temporarily suspended; at least 12 of these were R 2120s. Deliveries in 2001 included six to New Zealand dealer Izard Pacific Aviation. Others to UK.