TYPE: Side-by-side ultralight/kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Prototype unveiled at 1992 RSA Rally at Moulins. Named for a fish of the genus Characidae.

CUSTOMERS: At least 10 on French ultralight register by December 2001.

COSTS: Kit, with Rotax 912 UL engine, €15,000; flyaway €31,500 (2001).

DESIGN FEATURES: High wing with single bracing strut on each side; strut-braced tailplane. Wing section NACA 23012. Quoted build time 150 to 250 hours.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Three-position plain flaps, deflections 0, 15 and 45°.

STRUCTURE: Steel tube fuselage with Dacron covering; composites wing; light alloy ailerons and flaps.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tailwheel type with bungee cord suspension on main units.

POWER PLANT: One 53.7 kW (72 hp) Humbert-Volkswagen HW 2000 or 59.6 kW (79.9 hp) Rotax 912 UL flat-four, driving a two-blade composites propeller. Other options available, including JPX engine. Fuel in two wing tanks, combined capacity 60 litres (15.9 US gallons; 13.2 Imp gallons).