TYPE: Side-by-side ultralight.

PROGRAMME: Development began 1994 as DEA Yuma. Adaptations of design, leading to G1, began in 2002; several trials aircraft. Series production aircraft '00' shown at Aero '03, Friedrichshafen, in April 2003; No. 01 then intended to fly by mid-2003.

CURRENT VERSIONS: V3: Version 3, but baseline version. Empty weight of 282.5 kg (623 lb) to meet new ultralight limits. 'High-tech' wing with full fitment of Handley Page slats and slotted Fowler flaps. As described.
V2: Version 2. Empty weight 275 kg (606 lb). Fixed slats and slotted Fowler flaps.
V1: Version 1. Empty weight 265 kg (584 lb). Fixed slats and plain flaps.

CUSTOMERS: Total of 25 orders by early 2003.

COSTS: V3 €53,435; V2 €51,145; V1 €46,295; all plus tax (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: Objectives included better performance than existing STOL light aircraft, but without sacrifice of cruising speed; effective and harmonised controls; foldable wings. Aircraft can be folded for transport by one person in 10 minutes.
High wings with V-struts; sweptback fin.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Large, cable-actuated control surfaces for effectiveness of response at slow speeds. Optional Handley Page slats on wing leading-edge and/or slotted Fowler flaps, according to version.

STRUCTURE: Generally of heat-treated and corrosion-proofed aluminium alloy; skins bonded before riveting. Welded tubular 4130 steel frame cockpit structure; steel alloy wing struts. Control surfaces covered in Dacron fabric. Wing leading-edge slats of carbon fibre. Composites tips to wing and empennage. Composites engine cowling. Lexan windscreen; polycarbonate side windows.

LANDING GEAR: Tricycle type; fixed. Optional speed fairings. Steerable, telescoping nosewheel leg; cantilever metal mainwheel legs. Mainwheels 8.00-6 (optionally larger); nosewheel 15x6.00-6. Hydraulic disc brakes. Mainwheel and parking brakes. Optional floats and skis.

POWER PLANT: One 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS flat-four. Fuel in wing tanks and header tank, total capacity 84 litres (22.2 US gallons; 18.5 Imp gallons). Duc two-blade propeller, ground- or flight-adjustable.

EQUIPMENT: Ballistic parachute. Optional agricultural spraying equipment.