Three French light aircraft manufacturers are included in the holding company Apex International (formerly known as Aéronautique Service); products of BUL, CAP and Robin are described where appropriate; related companies are detailed here. In total, the group had 200 employees in 2001.
In late 2001, the company announced that it was embarking on restructuring its component parts and building a new customer service centre at Darois, due to be operational in April 2002.
However, Apex entered voluntary receivership in September 2002 and underwent financial restructuring while aircraft production at its member companies was slowed or stopped; on 30 May 2003 a French court approved an extension of receivership until July, by which time Apex hoped to have completed restructuring, including downsizing of its workforce and focusing on FAA certification for CAP and Robin aircraft, although work on the CAP 222 will continue when finance allows; receivership lifted on 25 August 2003. production will be at 25 to 30 per year, and in the year following receivership Apex delivered 23 aircraft of various types.
Constructions Aéronautiques de Bourgogne (CAB): Construction of BUL Zulu, CAP 10 and CAP 222 at Darois, and Robin aircraft at Bernay.
CAP Industries: Construction of CAP 232 and after-sales service of all CAP aircraft (including former Mudry CAP designs) at Bernay.
Aviation Service Center (ASCO): After-sales service and support.
Group administrative services are provided by Aeronautique Financements & Services.

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  • Address: 3 rue Troyon, F-75017 Paris, France
  • Tel: (+33 1) 40 72 61 10
  • Fax: (+33 1) 40 72 62 98
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