Famous propeller manufacturer built 2 biplanes to assist flight development. First, 2 pusher propellers, was at Doncaster meet 1910.
Short-lived co-operative built light aircraft 1978.
Famed producer of airships, built pioneer welded-steel-tube aeroplanes including Santos-Dumonts and his own monoplanes. Sold out to Citroën 1928.
Distinguished by tiny twin nose engines, Michel Colomban's MC 15 Cricri first flew July 1973, today over 200 flown or being built.
Paul Cornu built tandem-rotor helicopter, flown 13 November 1907, generally given priority over Breguet as first helicopter flight.
Jacques Coupé, Azay-sur-Cher, built JC-01 light aircraft 1976, markets plans, and later produced JC-2.
Roger Courtois-Suffit collaborated with Capt. Lescop in producing CSL.1 single-seat fighter built 1917-18 by SAIB at 49 rue St Blaise, Paris.
Producer under licence of military aircraft 1915-18.
Société des Avions René Couzinet established 1926 to build (in Letord factory) 3-engined monoplane Arc en Ciel (rainbow) to fly N. Atlantic. Couzinet 10 destroyed, but led to improved Couzinet…
Emilien Croses, Charnay-lès-Mâcon, produced 9 prototypes from 1947, all tandem-wing and all certificated. Later types: Pouplume, Criquet, Tout-Terrain, Tourisme and Paras-Cargo.
Test pilot Jean Dabos designed JD.24P d'Artagnan light twin, built 1963 by André Courtade of Auch.
Assisted by Soc. Poulet, Michel Dalotel built DM-165 aerobatic trainer 1969.
Built pioneer aircraft 1911-13.
DASSAULT AVIATION Former Avions Marcel Dassault-Breguet Aviation formed from merger of Dassault and Breguet aircraft companies in December 1971; French government acquired 20 per cent of stock in January 1979,…
Edmond de Marçay funded 1913 'sea monoplane', built SPADs during war and produced 2C1 high-speed fighter 1919. Thereafter 60-hp Passe-Partout ultralight, 60-hp single-seater and 2-seater limousine remained prototypes.
Establissements Louis de Monge produced small prototypes 1922-5 and also M.101C2 2-seat fighter derived from Koolhoven FK.31 which firm built under licence 1925.
Emil de Pischoff built biplane (June 1907), first to use either Anzani engine or Chauvière propeller; set up factory at Billancourt with Koechlin where at least 8 biplanes and tandem…
Maurice Delanne built D.II light aircraft 1929, then adopted Nenadovich tandem-wing formula for series of fighter designs built by SAFRA and Arsenal 1937-9.
Famed car company built at least 4 biplanes, most unusual being Coanda-designed SIA with twin 150-hp Hispano-Suiza amidships driving propeller behind twin-finned tail of beautifully streamlined fuselage. Crashed Etampes 1917.
DC-1 2-seater flew 1979.
F. Denhaut took off from Seine at Juvisy 15 March 1912 in first flying-boat seen in Europe. Donnet and Lévêque formed company to build this and subsequent Denhaut designs. Denhaut…
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