René Arnoux built at least 5 aircraft 1909-22, last being tailless Coupe Deutsch racer.
Arsenal de l'Aéronautique set up as state enterprise by 1936 nationalization of defence industries. Installed in factory at Villacoublay, expanded during war to Villeurbanne (Lyon) in then-unoccupied zone, and after…
Association Zéphyr was founded in 1994 by fourth-year student engineers of the Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Aérotechniques et de Construction Automobile (ESTACA), who have designed the Alizé light aircraft, intended…
Astra Société de Constructions Aéronautiques was major producer of balloons and non-rigid airships up to 1920. Licence to make Wright Flyers (1909) led to derived Astra-Wright C (commercial) and CM…
GB.10 light 2-seater built 1946.
Former Amiot company, nationalized on liberation 1945, continued building Ju 52/3m as AAC.1.
Based at Dinard-Pleurtuit, built Piel Emeraude under licence.
Former Farman company, nationalized on liberation 1945.
Former Avions Caudron-Renault, nationalized on liberation 1945, continued building Goëland and sailplanes.
First World War pilot Paul Aubert established Aubert-Aviation at Buc (Versailles) 1932, and produced prototype PA-20 Cigale side-by-side high-wing trainer 1936. In 1938 became Avions Paul Aubert, with large contracts…
RA.14 high-wing tandem-seater (40-hp Train), flown early 1946.
Aviasud Engineering SA at Fréjus is major producer of microlights, such as Mistral variants and Sirocco.
Major builder of military aircraft 1925-28, part of Schneider-Creusot armaments empire. Monoplanes predominated, including fighters, bombers and (Type 132, 1927) passenger transport, all featuring Alférium light alloy with corrugated skin.
Established Neuilly 1948 to build Roitelet ultralight.
Boncourt-Audenis-Jacob at Lyon-Bron built Type IV fighter, officially called C2, 1918. Previously (1913-14) Audenis and Jacob had built 2 successful aircraft, but BAJ was first official grouping, lasting until Jacob…
René Barbaro built light aircraft 1966.
Raymond Bastet built light 2-seater 1962.
Successors to Sommer, produced tractor monoplane and pusher biplane 1914.
Constructions Aéronautiques du Béarn, at Pau (Pyrenées), built Minicab side-by-side 2-seater 1949, followed by small series and (1953) improved Super-Minicab, both designed by Yves Gardan.
Louis Béchereau, designer of SPAD fighters, gave his name to SAB C1 fighter built at Levasseur factory 1918. In 1926 Béchereau T.7 airliner was built by SRAP. See Kellner-Béchereau.
Soc. Bellanger des Autos, motor company, built several aircraft 1920-22, notably Denhaut 22 patrol (later transport) flying-boat.
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