State aircraft factory Valtion Lentokonetehdas (VL) established at Sveaborg, Helsinki, April 1921, to build under licence A.22 (Heinkel) seaplane and later over 30 types of which 18 of Finnish design, starting with D.26 Haukka fighter. Reorganized 1928 to incorporate IL (air force) depot, which was separated 1933 when VL became virtually private enterprise. Important types in 1930s were Tuisku and Viima II biplane trainers and Pyry advanced monoplane trainer, followed by Myrsky (1940) and Py├Ârremyrsky (1945) fighters. Lack of work 1945 resulted in title Valtion Metallitehtaat, state metal works, reorganized in 1950s with main aircraft works at Tampere, other plants handling repairs and engines. Built Vihuri advanced trainer (6 February 1951), series production being Vihuri III, and Tuuli III light aerobatic trainer, followed by Potez-Air Fouga Magister jet trainer. In 1958 title abbreviated to Valmet OY, expanding to build 12 Saab Draken followed by 46 BAe Hawks. Further reorganized 1974, separated from state metalworking group and taking name Valmet Aviation Industries. Built L-70 Miltrainer, air force name Vinka (1 July 1975), leading to L-90 TP Redigo multirole turboprop trainer (1 July 1986). Valmet assembled 57 F/A-18C Hornets and produced complete tails for Saab 2000.

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