TYPE: Maritime surveillance twin-turboprop.

DESIGN FEATURES: Special missions versions of C-212 (various Series).

CURRENT VERSIONS: MP: Maritime patrol version; belly-mounted 360° search radar and FLIR/TV turret. Other features include operator's console, datalink via Inmarsat, external loudspeakers, searchlight, observation bubble windows, camera, and seating for 10 passengers. Initial C-212-400MP deliveries to Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (one in December 1998 and a second on 29 March 2001) and Suriname Air Force (one in May 1999); third for Spanish MAFF delivered in May 2003.
Pollution control: Equipment as for MP, plus dedicated sensor for detection, measurement and control of harvest plagues, marine resources and pollution. This equipment has been fitted in Swedish Coast Guard and Portugese Air Force C-212s.

CUSTOMERS: More than 56 Patrulleros of all Series sold by February 2002.

POWER PLANT: As relevant C-212 Series. Two 500 litre (132 US gallon; 110 Imp gallon) underwing auxiliary fuel tanks.

ACCOMMODATION: Flight crew of two; mission sensor operator and observer in MP. Two observer stations at bubble windows in rear of cabin. Operator console with search radar, FLIR/TV, moving map and communications control. Radar repeater display and searchlight control added to flight deck. Galley, lavatory and rest area equipped with commuter seats or stretchers.

AVIONICS (MP): Comms: Single VHF, UHF/VHF and HF radios; intercom; IFF.
Radar: 360° scan underfuselage radar.
Flight: Redundant flight management system with dual GPS nav.
Instrumentation: Four-screen EFIS; IEDS.
Mission: FLIR/TV turret, Inmarsat datalink, electronic cartography and camera in MP. Additional to, or independent of, this equipment, Pollution control version can be fitted with a SLAR, IR/UV scanner or microwave radiometer.

EQUIPMENT: Survival kit and raft launcher in rear ramp; searchlight on fuselage hardpoint.

ARMAMENT: Hardpoint (capacity 500 kg; 1,102 lb) on each side of fuselage, on which can be carried machine gun pods or rocket launchers.

Endurance with underwing fuel tanks 8 h 30 min