TYPE: Two-seat fying boat kitbuilt; two-seat amphibian kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Derivation of Martin 3. Prototype completed in early 2003 and registered EC-ZJU; initially known as Mascato.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Freedom: Amphibian version.
Gannet: Flying boat version; has redesigned hull when compared to Freedom. US demonstrator has upturned tips to tailplane; LSA compliant.

CUSTOMERS: Around 40 examples sold worldwide by early 2006.

COSTS: Gannet USD71,820 (2005); Freedom USD117,406 flyaway (2006).

FLYING CONTROLS: Flap angle -5° for cruising; maximum deflection 50° for emergency landings.

STRUCTURE: Generally of glass fibre, carbon fibre and Kevlar, with some metal items. Fuselage divided into three watertight compartments.

LANDING GEAR: Freedom: Single-step hull with outrigger floats at two-thirds' span. Wheels retract totally under electrical power; steerable nosewheel; hydraulic brakes. Max wave height 30 cm (1 ft). Water rudder.

As Martin 3 S100


  • Cockpit: Max width: 1,22 m (4 ft 0 in)
    • Height: 1,12 m (3 ft 8 in)

As Martin 3 S100

WEIGHTS AND LOADINGS: As Martin 3 S100, except:

  • Weight empty: Freedom: 287 kg (632 lb)
    • Gannet: 324 kg (714 lb)
  • Max T-O weight: both: 648 kg (1,430 lb)

PERFORMANCE, POWERED: As Martin 3 S100, except:

  • T-O run, water, both: 140 m (460 ft)
  • Landing run, Gannet: 140 m (460 ft)
  • Landing run, land: Freedom: 121 m (395 ft)


  • Best glide ratio: 20
  • Min rate of sink: 1.5 m (4.9 ft)/s