TYPE: Two-seat lightplane; side-by-side ultralight kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Original Toxo flew in 1999, followed by second prototype (EC-YYV); Toxo II (EC-ZFB) followed in September 2001.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Toxo: Ultralight; approved in France and Spain; similar registration under way in Austria, Germany and Netherlands in 2003. Typically 59.7 kW (80 hp) Jabiru 2200 flat-four engine and Due fixed-pitch propeller. Fuel capacity 60 litres (15.9 US gallons; 13.2 Imp gallons).
Toxo II: VLA category. As described.

CUSTOMERS: More than 20 Toxos delivered by April 2003, of which six then flying.

COSTS: VLA €89,477 (2003) excluding tax, complete; VLA kit €54,458 (2003) including Jabiru 3300 engine, excluding tax.

DESIGN FEATURES: Experimental/VLA or Ultralight category; engines between 59.7 and 134 kW (80 and 180 hp). Wide speed range and high aerodynamic efficiency, including short field performance and good stability. Streamlined, tapered low-wing design with sweptback fin and upturned wingtips.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Pushrod actuation. Fowler slotted flaps. Variable incidence (electrical) tailplane for trimming. (Horn-balanced elevators and alternative all-moving tailplane of prototypes replaced by mass-balanced elevators for production Toxo II).

STRUCTURE: Mainly of vacuum-bonded glass fibre and honeycomb, aluminium and steel fittings. Wing has T-beam composites spar and integral fuel tanks.

LANDING GEAR: Tricycle type; fixed. Steerable nosewheel. Mainwheels size 5.00. Brakes and parking brake.

POWER PLANT: To customer's requirements. Typically 89 kW (120 hp) Jabiru 3300 driving a Warp Drive Airmaster three-blade, constant-speed propeller. Rotax 914S installation (73.5 kW; 98.6 hp) under development. Fuel capacity 150 litres (39.6 US gallons; 33.0 Imp gallons) in VLA version.

ACCOMMODATION: Two persons, side by side, each with centreline-hinged, upward-opening door; separate windscreen; baggage space to rear of seats; rear quarterlight each side. Dual controls. Cockpit heated and ventilated.

AVIONICS: Comms: Optional Becker AR-4201 radio, Zennheiser intercom and Becker ATC 4401-175 Mode S transponder.
Flight: Optional Bendix/King moving map display.