Aircraft works at Guadalajara established 1920 as subsidiary of Sociedad la Hispano-Suiza Fabrica de Automoviles SA of Barcelona. Built D.H.6 and D.H.9 under licence, followed by Nieuport-Delage 52C1, Fiat CR.32 and Messerschmitt Bf 109, all with Hispano-Suiza engines from Barcelona (109 later as HA 1112 with Merlin). Original designs E.30 parasol advanced trainer, E.34 trainer biplane, HS.42 advanced trainer (built Second World War with Bf 109 versions after move to large new works at Seville), HA.43 advanced trainer with retractable landing gear, HA.100 advanced trainer designed by Messerschmitt, HA.200 twin-jet advanced trainer also designed by Messerschmitt and HA.220 single-seat attack version (110 of both versions 1962-73). HA.500 attack aircraft never flown.

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