Ing. D. Julio Adaro produced Chirta biplane trainer 1935.
Company at Santander registered 1955 to build Jodel and Druine light aircraft under licence.
AEROCOPTER SL AeroCopter showed the first production Futura autogyro at the Aero '03 exhibition at Friedrichshafen, Germany, in April 2003.
Constructora Aeronaval de Levante produced Piel Emeraude under licence 1960-67.
Established Madrid 1954 to develop Matra-Cantinieau helicopter, flown July 1956. Small production of two versions, AC-12 and -14.
CONSTRUCCIONES AERONAUTICAS DE GALICIA CAG's Toxo kitbuilt can be completed by amateur builders in the company's 1,600 m² (17,225 sq ft) factory.
CONSTRUCCIONES AERONAUTICAS SA (Military Transport Aircraft Division of EADS) CASA, founded in 1923, was owned 99.2852 per cent by the Spanish state holding company Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI),…
CONSTRUCCIONES LIGERAS Y AERONAUTICAS SL Company formed 11 November 1995 to develop and market Martin 3 lightplane as landplane and flying-boat. Manufacture is in 1,300 m² (14,000 sq ft) workshop…
EUROCOPTER ESPANA Formation (60 per cent Eurocopter, 40 per cent EADS CASA) announced in October 2003. Initial task will be final assembly of 24 Tigers ordered by Spanish Army, including…
VOL MEDITERRANI SL Company headquarters are at the 'Les Umbertes' aerodrome, in the Barcelona region. Former co-director Francesc Velasco was killed in a flying accident on 20 October 2003.