TYPE: Two-seat amphibian ultralight kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Scale model of Seahawk I built by Mark GmbH for preliminary tests; mockup displayed at Aero 2001 at Friedrichshafen April 2001; redesign by Wüst GmbH as Seahawk II began December 2001; prototype (OK-IUU 02) completed January 2003 and first flown 29 March 2003; manufacture of second prototype began September 2003.

DESIGN FEATURES: Single-step hull; parallel chord wing with turned-down wingtips forming narrow stabilising floats; sweptback fin with T tail configuration; upward-opening gullwing doors.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual; one-piece horn balanced elevator with trim tab; electrically actuated Fowler flaps. Dual controls standard.

STRUCTURE: Composites/honeycomb sandwich; single-spar wings.

LANDING GEAR: Retractable tricycle type; nosewheel retracts forwards into hull.

POWER PLANT: One 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS or 74.6 kW (100 hp) Textron Lycoming O-200 flat-four, pylon-mounted above wing in pusher configuration and driving a three-blade, fixed-pitch or constant-speed propeller. Fuel contained in two wing tanks, combined capacity 90 litres (23.8 US gallons; 19.8 Imp gallons).