TYPE: Tandem-seat sportplane kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Flug Werk has announced that it is working towards the production of a kitbuilt version of the Second World War Arado Ar 96B trainer, the most numerous of 11,546 Ar 96s built. It is intended that the aircraft will be powered by a Chevrolet V-8 motorcar engine in place of the original As 410 V-12 Argus, driving a two-blade wooden MT propeller. By mid-2003, work on the first wing set was under way; this will be delivered as a finished structure due to its complexity, complete with slats, flaps and aileron linkages. The fuselage and tail unit will be delivered in kit form with pre-drilled pilot holes to minimise jig work; the kit will thus comply with the 51 per cent rule.

COSTS: Estimated cost US$220,000 less engine (2003).