TYPE: Business turboprop.

PROGRAMME: Turboprop version of Extra EA-400; prototype (D-EKEW), employing previously reserved airframe, first flew 26 April 2002; damaged in forced landing during third sortie, 30 April 2002; announced at, but unable to participate in, Berlin Air Show 6 to 12 May 2002. Repaired and resumed flight testing within three months. Public debut at the NBAA convention in Orlando, Florida, 7 October 2003, at which time the prototype had flown some 70 hours. JAA certification scheduled for first quarter 2004, followed by FAA approval in second quarter, and first deliveries in late 2004. Target of two to four deliveries by end of 2004.

CUSTOMERS: First year's production (unspecified) sold following NBAA debut in October 2003.

Data generally as for Extra EA-400, except that below.

POWER PLANT: One 336 kW (450 shp) Rolls-Royce 250-B17F/2 turboprop, driving a five-blade propeller. Fuel capacity, standard, 468 litres (124 US gallons; 103 Imp gallons), of which 404 litres (107 US gallons; 88.9 Imp gallons) are usable; Long-Range 687 litres (181 US gallons; 151 Imp gallons, of which 656 litres (173 US gallons; 144 Imp gallons) are usable.