E. Rumpler Luftfahrtzeugbau GmbH established at Berlin Johannisthal February 1909 by Austrian Dr Edmund Rumpler and R. Haessner. Began by building over 220 improved Taube monoplanes, adding from December 1913 2-seat biplanes leading to B.I trainer/recon built in land and seaplane forms (some by Pfalz). Early 1915 company restructured as Rumpler Flugzeugwerke, producing prototypes of C.I armed 2-seater, built by Rumpler, Hannoversche, Bayru, MFW, Pfalz, Rinne, Brandenburg and Germania. This led to C.IV and C.VII, latter highest-flying aircraft of war (23,950 ft [7,300 m] with gun and full load of cameras). Other types included G.I heavy bomber (about 60 built 1915-16), G.II, G.III and 7 types of fighters. Rumpler Limousine, passenger conversion of C.I, did not prevent liquidation 1920.

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