Pfalz Flugzeug-werke GmbH established October 1913 at Speyer-am-Rhein, initially building Morane-Saulnier Types H and L monoplanes under licence. After start of war accelerated output of Pfalz version of H, forming family of Eindeckers (E.I-E.V) similar to Fokker and likewise from late 1915 fitted with 1 or 2 synchronized guns. With these obsolescent, company switched 1916 to licence-production of LFG Roland D.II, and this led to company’s own D.III (14 May 1917) and IIIa, over 600 built. Many other fighter biplanes and a triplane failed to be made in quantity, but outstanding D.XII (spring 1918) was in many respects judged better than Fokker D.VII, about 350 delivered by Armistice.

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