Luft-Verkehrs GmbH established December 1911 at Berlin-Johannisthal, operating and then constructing dirigibles and (early 1912) building Farmans under licence. First original design B.I 2-seat recon biplane (December 1912), classic design and prototype of virtually all subsequent B-series by all makers. Improved B.II made by LVG, Otto-Werke and Schütte-Lanz. Final variant B.III was strengthened for training. Armed recon C-series launched by LVG C.I (1915), modified into C.II (first aircraft to bomb London). Further increase in power (230-hp Benz) led to C.V and VI (1,100 plus). Designer Franz Schneider also produced fighters, starting with E.I 2-seat monoplane (1915) and several later D-series, other D-series being by Ehrhardt and Rethel, none in large numbers. Other original designs were twin-engined G.I and giant G.III triplane bomber, LVG also licence-producing Albatros fighters. Post-war LVG converted B.III and C.VI aircraft into Limousine, Kurier and Postal civil aircraft.

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