Dr.-Ing. Hanns Klemm designed light aircraft for Daimler at Stuttgart 1919-1925, leaving 1926 to form Klemm Leichtflugzeugbau GmbH. First product was L 25 tandem-seat low-wing monoplane, direct successor to Daimler L 20 of 1924. Over 600 built in many variants, with at least 14 types of engine. Subsequently L 26-L 36 embraced over 40 subtypes, almost all built in series and with total of all variants of Kl 35 exceeding 4,600. Final types were Kl 105 ultralight, Kl 106 2-seater and Kl 107 side-by-side cabin machine; Kl 151 4-seater was stopped in 1940 and factory devoted to military production. Works destroyed but in 1955 Hanns Klemm Flugzeugbau registered and built Kl 107 prototype. Developed through 107B and 107C, rights acquired by Bölkow, which put Kl 107C into series production 1959.

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