Prof. Dr Claude Dornier was a pioneer of all-metal structures. Joined Zeppelin Luftschiffbau 1910 working on airships, put in charge of research group set up 1914 at Lindau-Reutin and managed structural design of giant Rs series flying-boats. Dornier opened own design department at nearby Seemoos 1916 where several fighter (D) and attack aircraft (C, CL) were designed, first in world with true stressed-skin Duralumin structure. In 1919 Dornier transferred Lindau works to another lake-shore location, Manzell, renaming it Dornier Metallbauten GmbH. Built C.II recon biplanes for Swiss, but large Gs.I transport flying-boat sunk by Allied Control Commission, so new Wal flying-boat (November 1922) was licensed to CMASA and SCMP Italy and to companies in Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan, about 305 by 1931. Dornier's own production: Libelle 2-seat flying-boat, Delphin flying-boat (developed from 4 to 10 passengers 1921-4), Komet and derived Merkur landplanes (1921 5 seats, 1926 10), Do H Falke fighter. Do R Super Wal and giant Do X flying-boats and Do K freight landplane. In 1926 company set up in Switzerland (see Dornier-Flugzeuge), built aircraft then proscribed in Germany, including prototypes which led to overt production in Germany of Do 11 and Do 23 heavy bombers from 1933. Firm restructured 1933 (see Dornier-Werke GmbH).

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