Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, unrelated to predecessor, formed 30 July 1926 by German transport ministry, Bavarian state and a banking house, taking over assets of Udet-Flugzeugbau at Ramersdorf, Munich, and factory of BRW at Augsburg. Produced Udet Flamingo, and to acquire design capability merged with Messerschmitt 8 September 1927, latter retaining design rights, but BFW bankrupt 1 June 1931. Bankruptcy discharged and operations resumed May 1933. Enmity of Erhard Milch restricted company to licence production and private sale of light aircraft. Situation changed by Bf 108 and Bf 109, to such degree company name changed to Messerschmitt AG 11 July 1938. Aircraft designed after this date known as Me, not Bf.

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