Automobil und Aviatik AG established Mulhausen 1910 (today called Mulhouse Alsace-Lorraine now French). Quickly became one of most important constructors in Germany, moving to Freiburg 1914, with head office and another plant at Leipzig. Austrian subsidiary, Öesterreichische-Ungärische Flugzeugfabrik Aviatik of Vienna, carried out much modification and original design, but built mainly parent firm’s aircraft. Main 1914-15 production was B.I. and B.II unarmed reconnaissance 2-seaters. Austrian B.II had overhung control surfaces with large horn balances; Vienna also built B.III. Most important products were 2-seat scouts C.I to C.IX. Single-seat fighters D.II to D.VII remained prototypes, but Austrian D.I made in large numbers. See also Berg (Austria); Ö-UF.

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