After First World War Hugo Stinnes took over Werft Warnemünde for non-aero production. Meeting Ing. Walther Rethel in 1924, he decided to produce aircraft, forming Arado Handelsgesellschaft 1925. Next 8 years saw 15 prototype trainer and sporting aircraft, but in 1933 firm reorganized as Arado Flugzeugwerke, under control of RLM (air ministry), with Walter Blume as chief engineer (Rethel went to BFW). Then followed succession of aircraft produced in quantity, plus enormous production of such types as Bf 109, Fw 190, Ju 88 and He 177. Chief of company’s own designs were: Ar 65 fighter biplane, Ar 66 biplane trainer, Ar 68 fighter biplane, Ar 95 biplane seaplane, Ar 96 advanced trainer, Ar 196 seaplane, Ar 232 transport, Ar 234 jet reconnaissance bomber, Ar 240 heavy fighter/reconnaissance aircraft and Ar 396 trainer, which became SIPA S.10. See also Blume.

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