Bankrupt AvCraft Aerospace GmbH was purchased on 15 December 2005 by Corporate Jet Services, the parent company of executive charter operator Club 328. AvCraft was formally taken over on 2 January 2006 and renamed 328 Support Services. The acquisition covers engineering, maintenance and refurbishment, product support, the spare parts business and the type certificate for the Dornier 328 and 328JET.
The new company planned only to complete the last three Dornier 328s on the assembly line before devoting itself wholly to maintenance and support of the 220 or so remaining examples of the aircraft, including its turboprop predecessor, with the assistance of two-thirds of the original workforce of 140. Following a change of plan, only one aircraft was completed before manufacture was terminated.

Additional Info

  • Address: Corporate Jet Services, Southampton Airport, Hampshire SO18 2HG, UK
  • Works: Flugplatz Oberpfaffenhofen, PO Box 1103, D-88230 Wessling
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