TYPE: Primary prop trainer/sportplane.

PROGRAMME: Design of original Z 142 begun late 1977/early 1978, prototype (OK-078) construction April 1978; first flight 29 December 1978; FAR Pt 23 certification (Aerobatic, Utility and Normal) 1980; deliveries from April 1980; Canadian DoT certification 26 November 1991. Z 142 C received Czech certification on 18 July 1991; also certified in Australia (5 March 1996), Canada (4 August 1993) and Slovak Republic (18 June 1991). Production ended in 1995, but aircraft still available to order; standard delivery time, four months after contract signature.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Z 142 C: Current version, certified in A (aerobatic trainer), U (general trainer) and N (touring) categories. Description applies to this version.
Z 142 CAF: Military version; eight delivered to Czech Air Force.
Z 242 L: Lycoming-powered development of Z 142 ; described separately.

CUSTOMERS: Total 378 (all versions) built by 1995, including 10 Z 142 C for Canada/USA and eight Z 142 CAF for Czech Air Force. Further order(s) reported in 2001.

COSTS: Standard aircraft US$119,860 (VFR) or US$139,860 (IFR) (1999).

DESIGN FEATURES: Development of Zlin Z 142 M; basic, advanced and aerobatic training, glider towing and (with appropriate equipment) night flying and IFR training.
Wing section NACA 632416.5; dihedral 6o from roots; sweep forward 4o 20' at quarter-chord.

POWER PLANT: One LOM M337 AK inverted six-cylinder air-cooled in-line engine (157 kW; 210 hp at 2,750 rpm), with supercharger and low-pressure injection pump, driving a two-blade Avia V 500 A constant-speed metal propeller.Fuel tanks in each wing leading-edge, with combined capacity of 120 litres (31.7 US gallons; 26.4 Imp gallons). Normal category version has auxiliary 50 litre (13.2 US gallon; 11.0 Imp gallon) tank at each wingtip, increasing usable fuel capacity to 220 litres (58.1 US gallons; 48.4 Imp gallons). Fuel and oil systems permit inverted flying for up to 1½ minutes. Oil capacity 12 litres (3.2 US gallons; 2.6 Imp gallons).