TYPE: Single-seat ultralight/kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: First flight by Gryf ULM-1 prototype (OK-WUC 01) made on 17 March 1989. Available factory-built or (with or without power plant and instruments) as kit. Conforms to FAR Pt 103; Griffon 103 introduced 1999.

CUSTOMERS: Approximately 15 to 20 (including kitbuilt examples) completed by late 1999 (latest figure known).

DESIGN FEATURES: Generally as for Skyboy (which see).

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Differential ailerons.

STRUCTURE: Generally similar to that of Skyboy.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tricycle type; castoring nosewheel, with optional mechanical brakes.

POWER PLANT: One 37.0 kW (49.6 hp) Rotax 503 UL-2V or 31.0 kW (41.6 hp) Rotax 447 UL-2V two-cylinder two-stroke in-line engine; Junkers Profly three-blade, carbon fibre, pusher propeller. Fuel capacity 18.9 litres (5.0 US gallons; 4.2 Imp gallons).