INTERPLANE spol s.r.o.

Interplane was created as an ultralight manufacturer in 1992; design and product development is by Gryf Development company at Hodonim. Earlier variations between versions led the company to rationalise its Skyboy and Griffon product line in 1999. There are now two basic versions of the Skyboy: the EX (standard version for European customers and US and Australian kitbuilders) and the UL (to US FAR Pt 103 ultralight standards). Earlier Griffons are now replaced by the UL 103 version for the US market. Griffons and Skyboys now flying in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and USA, as well as in Czech and Slovak Republics.
Long-term projects include P6 Diblik single-seat biplane (wing span 6.00 m; 19 ft 8¼ in, area 13.00 m²; 139.9 sq ft; MTOW 270 kg; 595 lb), P15 Classic two-seat ultralight (wing span 9.50 m; 31 ft 2 in, 73.5 kW; 98.6 hp Rotax 912 ULS, 81 kt; 150 km/h; 93 mph cruising speed) and P16 Nemesis improved version of Skyboy.

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  • Address: Letiště Zbraslavice, CZ-285 21 Zbraslavice, Czech Republic
  • Tel: (+420 327) 59 13 81
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