Xian Feiji Gongye Gongsi (Subsidiary of AVIC I)

Aircraft factory established at Xian 1958; current company is core enterprise of Xian Aircraft Industry Group (XAIG); it has covered area of some 300 ha (741.5 acres); of 20,000 workfoice, about 90 per cent are engaged in aircraft production.
Major current programmes concern JH-7 attack aircraft and MA60 transport (Y-7/An-24 derivative). XAIG and Xian Aircraft Design and Research Institute (XADRI) are participants in the ARJ21 regional jet programme described under the ACAC heading.
Subcontract work includes glass fibre header tanks, water float pylons, ailerons and various doors for Bombardier 415 amphibian; fins and tailplanes for Boeing 737/757; and A320 components for Airbus Industrie. In 1997, subcontracting for ATR (which began with ATR 42 wingtips in 1986) was extended to include ATR 72 rear fuselage sections.

Additional Info

  • Address: PO Box 140-84, Xian, Shaanxi 710089, China
  • Tel: (+86 29) 684 56 65
  • Fax: (+86 29) 620 37 07
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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